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No Mercy for the Slain


We've got some new live shows coming up! Join us at Crone's Hollow in Salt Lake City on the 17th for a special acoustic performance, and keep an eye on the Raids page for more dates and locations!

Check out a quick preview of some of the amazing songs we're working on for the new album!

New Song: As the Ravens Fly

A few months ago at school, my classmates and I recorded a song I wrote in 2007. It is an acoustic song called ďAs the Ravens Fly.Ē I know Iíve played it at a few gatherings and events, usually late night around the campfire. The song always got a good reception, but it never fit onto an album. Our teacher needed a song to record for a class, so I volunteered it. David Abercrombie played bass, Chris Smith played drums, George Fisher did some stellar backing vox, and I played guitars and sang lead. We had a ton of fun, and with some help from my classmates, and about 40 hours of tracking, mixing, and editing, we had a really nice song. I think youíll agree, my vocals and guitar playing have never sounded better.

And whatís even better is you can download it for free.

Free, you say? Yes. Free. I am, however, asking everyone who downloads it to donate $1 to the band so we can finish up our current album. Iíve gone over the figures, and we need about $6500 to finish the album. That includes software upgrades, replacing some broken hardware, studio time to track drums, repairs and upgrades to instruments, CD printing costs, and a few other things that will help make this album the single best project I have ever done. To date, Iíve already spent about $20,000 on this album. I just need a little bit more to finish up the project, get it done right. I think you can tell from the recording quality of ďAs the Ravens FlyĒ that this new album will blow away everything I have done before.

I realize times are tough right now, but $1 is a small sum. Heck, itís less than a cup of tea at Starbucks. If you can donate more, itís very much appreciated. If you donít have a dollar to spare (and yes, I know the times really are that tough)- then no worries. Download the song and enjoy it. Then get 25 of your friends to download the song and send us a dollar. I would love to see this go grass roots and spread throughout the web, especially among our Pagan and Heathen brothers and sisters.

But wait- thereís more!

Donate $1 and youíre awesome.

Donate $25, and youíll get a full download of the album one month before it hits Itunes or is released on CD.

Donate $50 and youíll get a full download of the album before the release, plus a CD signed by the band.

Donate $100 and youíll get the download, the signed CD, and a thank you in the liner notes.

Donate $500 and youíll get the download, the signed CD, the thank you in the liner notes, and an invitation to a special prerelease party with the band. *

Donate $10,000 and youíll get the download, the signed CD, the thank you in the liner notes, the invite to the special party, and Hauk and Karin will come to your house, perform a special acoustic concert for you, and then bake you brownies. *

*some restrictions may apply

You can donate via Paypal to or you can mail your donation to Hauk c/o Baldur Rising Music, 2416 W Victory Blvd #140, Burbank, CA 91506

Thank you in advance for your support!
Hauk, Duke, Karin, and Dooly

Click Here to Download ďAs the Ravens FlyĒ by Hauk
(Right-click and choose "Save target as...")

Hauk will be performing a special acoustic show at the Into the Gold Festival in Ojai on August 19th. For details, please visit:

It's been a good long while since our last update, but we've been insanely busy here in the Hauk camp. In case you're not following us on our Facebook page, we have both a new Guitarist and a new Violinist. We've been thrilled to play with David Watson and Karin Dell, the newest members of our tribe. Both are making excellent contributions to our sound, and are helping shape the new album immensely.

The new album, "Anthems for an Age Arriving" is progressing steadily. We have about 13 songs currently, and are aiming to have the album out in September. Select titles include "Anthem," "Wolves of Odin", "North", "Nine Days", and "Come the Final Days of Life". It's basically the soundtrack to Ragnarok- and we couldn't be happier with how this album is sounding! Crushing guitars, soaring fiddles, epic keyboards, guest performances by some amazing vocalists, and a lot of musical surprises! We aim to have it released in September, but are really enjoying sharing some of the new songs with you at our live shows.

We will be hitting the road in July, setting out to bring our blend of Heathen Metal to the Southwest masses!

July 1st -Hauk with special guests Paroxism, The Ice House Tavern, 3855 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ -21 and over, $3 cover
July 2nd -Hauk -as part of the American Metal Showcase -Meatheads Bar, 1121 S. Decatur Blvd at Charleston, Las Vegas, NV, 21 and over, $8 cover
July 8th -Hauk with Rooftop Revolutionaries and Anger Management, The Steel Pit, 7279 Foothill Boulevard, Tujunga, CA 91042 -Free, all ages
July 9th -Hauk with Lasher Keen, Ryan's Saloon, 924 S. Wells Ave, Reno, NV - 21 and over, $5 cover

We have event pages on Facebook- please find them on our official Facebook page and spread the word!

We also have some new merchandise- in addition to another run of our classic "Burn Rome" t-shirts, we now have a White Raven shirt- in both mens sizes and Babydoll Tees. Pictures on our facebook page. To order, paypal $25 to

And finally, for those of you in the Midwest, Hauk will be giving a solo acoustic performance at Lightning Across the Plains in his first appearance at America's largest Heathen gathering! September 23rd to 25th, Kansas City, MO.

On November 15th, Baldur Rising Music will be releasing the debut album from Skaldic Hearth Kin, "Winter Wassail". This album of Yule and Wassail songs was produced by Hauk, and features a brand new song by Hauk called "Where Heathen Hearths Burn Brightly" and an alternate Yule version of All Souls entitled "Drink to the Dead". This album spans the musical spectrum from a capella to folk to country to lush ethereal Danny Elfman-esque songs. Look for Skaldic Hearth Kin: Winter Wassail on ITunes, Napster, Zune, Rhapsody, Amazon Mp3 and all other good digital distributors November 15th!

Baldur Rising Music Presents:
Heathen Night at the Steel Pit
Calling all Heathens, Asatruar, Pagans, Wiccans, and other good folks for a night of Heathen Metal!

November 19th, 7pm
The Steel Pit
7279 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga, CA 91042
Free admission, free parking, cheap beer
All Ages

Many of Odd Nature
Desperate Hours

Also performing will be Tribe, LA's only Pagan Bellydance Troupe.

For those of you who haven't been following our blog (, or keeping tabs on us on Facebook (, you may not be aware that I've recorded a solo 'acoustic' album in the aftermath of the release of "The Path of Ice." It's called "Baconic". 8 Brand New Songs, and 2 Remixes courtesy of Techno.

New CD - Baconic!

You can purchase it at:
Amazon Mp3
And on Napster, Limewire, Rhapsody, Myspace Music, Amie Street, and other digital download stores.

This album was a fun change of pace for me- rather than orchestrate every song and spend months on each note, I just followed my instincts in the studio, adding whatever felt right, improvising as I needed to. Some of the songs were written a matter of days before recording- very raw, very primal- just enough of a base to have fun in the studio seeing what I could create. It also gave me a chance to dust off some instruments I don't play too often- banjo, slide guitar, harmonica, and djembe. Good times!

I hope you enjoy- check it out! Tell all your friends to do so as well. Spread the word!

New Music video for "Hookers and Blow" from "The Path of Ice"! Check it out!

It took a lot longer that I had hoped, but the new album, "The Path of
" is now available on Itunes! Also Amazon Mp3, and a few other
download sites.

Buy it now!

This album is, to date, my darkest and most personal album. I selected
a lot of songs from my files that touch on everything from death to
lost love, to despair and heartbreak, from nihilism to hedonism, and
back again. Some songs are autobiographical, some are biographical,
and some are merely "What if?" And one or two are just for fun. I
won't tell you which is which though.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think. Tell your friends,
repost this to every email list you can find, and let's walk together
down the Path of Ice. Tread carefully, my friends.

Yes folks, the rumours are true- I'm leaving LA. It's been a long hard decision coming to this, but it's for the best. I'm heading back to Connecticut this summer, but not without saying goodbye in true Heathen Fashion!

We're having two farewell shows- one for our Brothers and Sisters up in Fresno, and one here at home at the Steel Pit in Tujunga. Saturday, May 16th we travel north to Fresno, where we are playing a house concert at 7pm at 3323 E Dakota Ave, Fresno, on Dakota, Between First and Millbrook. This is all ages, and we're asking a $6 donation at the door with proceeds going to support Fresno Pagan Pride. (And to pay for Hauk's gasoline. Please note- this is a donation- no one will be turned away for lack of funds.)

Then, on June 6th, we lay seige on last time to the Steel Pit in Tujunga, 7279 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga, CA. This is all ages, and Free. Bring everyone you can for one last night with Hauk, Chris, Boyd, and Duke rocking hard, fast, and furious! We've got a few special treats lined up for this show, plus a few special guest, so be there! Show starts at 8pm- come come out early for Beers with the Boys!

Just finished a good recording session with Boyd- he laid down lead and rhythm parts for three new songs- "Green", "City of Fallen Angels", and "The Ghost of Johnny Cash."

Hot damn, that boy can play some mean guitar! Killer solos, killer leads.

Still got a few more songs to track before we start mixing. Still hoping for a May/June release, but we'll see how it goes. Either way- we're making good progress, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Also- April 4th, we'll be at the Steel Pit. Come on out for some beers!

Videos of Hauk's Pantheacon performance are now on YouTube - check them out!

Hauk has done an interview with Metal Underground - check it out!

Hail all!

Just a quick update- we're hard at work on our new album. Some song titles currently include "Green", "City of Fallen Angels", "Love Song #9", "Raise the Dead", and "Gasoline". It's shaping up to be a mostly acoustic album, but we'll definitely have some ass kickers in there.

In other news- we will be at Pantheacon - 11pm Headline concert on February 14th! Be there!

More news soon...

Clio of All Access Magazine has reviewed Hauk's performance at The Steel Pit in Tujunga! Read it here:

If you haven't already picked up a copy of our new EP "To Hear the Trumpets Call," we have it on Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and a bunch of other digital download stores - including the new store Amie Street. As a special offer, Amie Street is giving $5 in free downloads to anyone who registers, which is more than enough to get the entire Trumpets EP. Just got to for all the details. We don't endorse any of the providers, but this does look like a legitimate way to get our music for free, and the band still gets paid, so check it out.

Our new EP "To Hear the Trumpets Call" has been officially released!

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. To Hear the Trumpets Call
2. Love Song #4 (Burn Rome)
3. Lamentation
4. Raven Wings (Thrashing Ravens Mix)

Two Brand new songs! A rerecorded Metal version of the classic Lamentation, and a stunning remix of Raven Wings! Don't miss it! Order it here!

Good news! After a brief chat with Eric, the mighty owner of the Steel Pit, the cover charge for the show on August 9th has been dropped! It's now free!

And if that weren't enough, we are pleased to announce that is back up and running! Check it out, let us know what you think!

We are currently mixing a 3 song EP follow up to our triumphant album "No Mercy for the Slain." We'd been talking about rerecording Lamentation, to capture our live electric version of the acoustic classic from "Love Songs.." and this was the right time. We've paired it up with two brand new songs, "To Hear the Trumpets Call" and "Love Song #4 (Burn Rome)." Look for this to be out in August!

Finally, after much hard work, we are thrilled to announce "No Mercy for the Slain" is available at iTunes! Mp3s are also onsale at Napster, Rhapsody, and Amazon Music, so go forth and download! We'll have the new EP up there as soon as it's finished, and we hope to also have "Love Songs..." and "Hard Lemonade" up as well. Find it here.

As further proof that we can't stop bringing new music, we've already started writing a new full length album. This one is looking to be more straight forward hard rock/heavy metal with that distinctive Hauk flair. Less fiddles and pipes, more guitars, but with enough Heathen energy to shake the very Gates of Hel! We'll probably start tracking this fall.



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